The morning after

It's Alive! Zen Meditation

This morning, it was raining when I woke up. I looked at my phone and read a friend’s email, my first indication of how the presidential election had swung.

I shuffle into the kitchen, where the cats are waiting for breakfast.  We’re out of their regular food, so I scoop out some canned food. They’re like me: junk food is a special treat, something out of the ordinary.

I make my coffee and sit down on my cushion.  Little snippets of Donald Trump flit through my mind, spurts of worry, disappointment and surprise mixed with mundane thoughts of the day to come.

I leave home early to pick up donuts to take to work, and I notice my mind is looking everywhere for signs of the apocalypse.  I walk into thewp_20141006_001 grocery store and I’m greeted by the smell of fresh pastries, the sight of people stocking produce, an employee…

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  1. Hey Craig, thanks for the support!

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