The declining Tao of Confucianism

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On the decline of the great Tao,
The doctrines of “humanity” and “justice” arose
When knowledge and cleverness appeared,
Great hypocrisy followed in its wake.

When the six relationships no longer lived at peace,
There was (praise of) “kind parents” and “filial sons.”
When a country fell into chaos and misrule,
There was (praise of) “loyal ministers”.

Page 119, Chapter 18 from Lao Tzu: The Wisdom of Laotse by Lin Yutang

Banish wisdom, discard knowledge,
and the people shall profit a hundredfold;
Banish “humanity,” discard “justice,”
and the people shall recover love of their kin;
Banish cunning, discard “utility,”
And the thieves and brigands shall disappear.
As these three touch the externals and are inadequate;
The people have need of what they can depend upon:
Reveal they simple self, (unadorned, innate quality)
Embrace thy original nature,
Check thy selfishness,
Curtail thy desires.
Page 119-120, Chapter 19 from Lao Tzu:The…

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