Devotion to the Real

~A Heart of Devotion to the Real~

“Keep quiet with a heart of devotion to the Real, and the all-encompassing Self will be spontaneously known.

Get used to this emptiness. In the beginning it might feel like you are lost. Do not panic, this is a fleeting phase. A little tension may be present. Be aware of this. This is nothing new to you, but make no story of it.

Have you ever felt a turbulence, but with no identity? Without this after-thought, this interpretation, all is just a flow.

The serpent mind says, “Look, there is tension, you are not home yet.” Remember: mind does not exist except as an appearance. You are the witness of its appearance and play. Nothing affects the formless observer.

It’s all Love only. Even to be thrown into the fire is pure love. This is your Golden Age of coming home to your own Self. Put down this heavy rucksack of personhood. Leave aside all notions and rest here in the silence of Being.

For once, relax a little and simply become an audience to your mind’s play. Just look with a little detachment. Observe for a bit, but don’t spend too long in that cinema.

Then at some point, you may just come to recognise that you have watched the show many times before, and so there is no longer a need to spend any more time and money there. You will forget about it entirely. And quite unexpectedly, you may find yourself walking along a path of unchanging joy, light and wisdom.

Go back to your essence being now! No psychoanalysis here, just a pill-free freedom. Nothing is a reading of what you are. You are not this thing or that thing. You are no-thing actually.

I wish to meet you, not your story. It will be a beautiful meeting, a sweet union. Come out of this fickle hiding place. Don’t keep hiding inside this human form and its dramas.

I know who you are. You are a Buddha.”

~ Mooji ~

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