An Emotion only 8 seconds:—Linda Graham;– Bouncing Back!!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out

“A wave of emotion lasts only eight seconds on average, flowing through the body quickly.
However, we can sustain the emotion, for good or ill. We can fan the flames of anger, for instance, by dredging up thoughts and stories that keep it foremost in our mind and even intensify it, blocking its evolution into a guide for resilient action. (We can also choose to sustain and reinforce positive feelings like joy and contentment.”

I often wondered the time an emotion takes to clear the mind without attention.
A trigger thought dumping cortisol has to have a longer life than eight seconds but not much longer if attention is withheld.
Mindfulness then, has to be strong enough to last a minute or two when these scary emotions arrive.
The mind can be altered then, with some precise application of focus and…

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