A Lesson in Simplicity

Jane's Journals

At the moment I have 5 college-aged kids staying with me. They are Vacation Bible School camp counselors from Outlaw Ranch, South Dakota. The counselors lead camp for a whole week, in the City Park. We join forces with 5 other local churches to bring the counselors here each summer. I love having the counselors stay with me. I find young people invigorating and fascinating. I also love to cook them breakfast, my main job.

This year is even more special than usual, as one of the counselors is a young man from Malawi, a country in the south-eastern part of Africa. Last night while they were meeting about today’s camp sessions, I looked up everything I could find about Malawi. On a happy note, the country is in a phase where it is improving, economically and otherwise. Perhaps their female president has something to do with that : )

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