Complex Trauma, Stress and PTSD


By David Joel Miller.

What is Complex Trauma and how is it connected to other emotional problems?

Most therapists recognize the existence of a “thing” that might be called Complex Trauma. We are pretty sure it exists. We see clients with it all the time.  Only it looks different in different people. Sometimes it looks like a stress disorder, sometimes it looks more like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) other times it looks a lot like depression or anxiety.

We, professionals, are just not sure what to call this thing and worse yet we are not all sure how to treat it.

This confusion is aggravated by the problem that there is was no diagnosis for this thing, this complex trauma monster, in the DSM-4. Worse yet, even with the increased attention to stress caused disorders in the new DSM-5 Complex trauma did not make the new book either.


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