Scratching The Surface: Mindfulness and Zen


In Western society, many of us live our lives in a daze. The days, months, and years pass by without much notice. Sometimes it seems that we are living the same day over and over, patiently waiting for something big to happen. We perform the same mundane tasks on a daily basis, sticking to a routine or schedule in order to keep ourselves seemingly busy and always bustling around. This lifestyle brings suffering, anxiety, and depression to many of us. On top of it, the media regularly feeds the population full of doom and gloom, making their mind-state even more negative. We live our lives in constant fear of nuclear war, terrorism, drought, famine, and sickness. We are afraid of our neighbors, and so we keep our doors locked and live in paranoia and solitude. However, once we realize that the corrupt control system we live in consciously operates this…

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