¡ La Bueno Vida !

  simple living comes much easier than a grander life. its a quiet little world, in which you are comfortable,without missing something, have all needs without wants, fulfilled life without having to crave for something. priorities are made and met within a stipulated time, and you  feel sure of yourself and not insecure.

i was born in a tiny town down south, in India. An age when babies were born in the house, delivered by family mid-wives, in my maternal grandmother’s house. As my father worked and lived in a state other than that, i had the chance of visiting our family house,once or twice every year. I waited for my school to get over, and close for summer, and I promptly went off to my maternal ancestral home.

My grandmother was mother to 6 boys and 2 girls. and a grandmother to 28, grandchildren. 50 great grandchildren, i haven’t…

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  1. I am so honored to be reblogged by you, and more important is the subject is of a LADY, who lived life, to save global warming the natural way.

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