Why I don’t Watch the News

Now I know that a lot of people around the world are going to disagree with why I don’t watch the news but I have reasons why…Firstly, we need to take a look at exactly what the news is and why we have it in the first place. Why do we all crave what is happening in the world? How does it make our lives any different to the living we do each day? How do I feel more educated by knowing what is happening around the world?

Before we had the news how did people every get on with their daily day-to-day tasks they had to do. One thing that I want to get straight is the news is designed to make big corporations money and they do this through advertising slots whether it is a commercial in between the segments on TV or a banner ads on the internet or a full-page ads in the newspaper.

Just like this website has an audience and the more people who like viewing this website the more I can charge for advertising. Much the same the news can make more money by keeping more people captivated by one thing. That one thing is FEAR. It is the one thing that rates well week in and week out. It is very rare you will see on the front of the newspaper a light-heart good news story.

Because it doesn’t sell newspapers!

This is why I don’t watch or read the news. But it is hard to keep myself away from the news. I have been told as a kid by my parents that I need to watch the news so I know what is happening in the world. Which I believe to an extent. I do want to know what is happening but I don’t want to be force-fed fears every night of the week and go to bed feeling like there is nothing positive in this world.

Yet they always seem to end the news with a good happy positive story, as if they haven’t bombarded you with all the bad which has happened over the world for the past 25 minutes.

As hard as I might try I still get glimpses of the news each day. I like listening to the radio and my favourite station being Triple J in Australia, but like all radio stations, on the hour and not a second past the news will be broadcast across the airways and I will usually be in the car or listening at the time whilst on the computer. So I do get sound bits of the news just not the big chunk of propaganda on the TV every night.

One thing I universally get told when I am thinking of travelling to a place is that I should be careful because it is dangerous there. I always ask the person giving me the advice how they know it is dangerous. Their reply, 99% of the time is they have seen bad things in the news about that given destination. I always tell them bad things happen around the world all the time, but I choose not to live my life in fear. I want to experience life and not be told if a place is dangerous or not.

We travelled around the world for 2 years and hardly even heard about anything which was happening in the world and after we returned from our trip, when we had constant access to a television, we realised just how repetitive the stories were every night. Had we missed anything, by not watching the news…I think not.

How watching the news making me a better person and to think in a positive way about my life?

For this reason I choose to take the step of ignorance to the world news and I don’t make a point of sitting down to the TV every evening to watch it. If the event is big enough and I should really know about it, then no matter what someone in the world is going to let me know either via the internet or in person. I will find out.

Elise and I like to concentrate on the positive things in our world and to try to help the people who are a little less fortunate than us in any way we can. We don’t need the news to tell us what to do and what we should be scared of.

What are your thoughts on the news?

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1 Response to Why I don’t Watch the News

  1. Great observations about how ‘bad news sells’. One thing I have noticed about my blog, is if I am down and write a post about sadness, or anger or loneliness or whatever; I have a lot of ‘visits’, or ‘likes’ and comments on my post. However, whenever I write a post when things are going well and I am happy; the comments etc from others are fewer in number.

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