This minute to minute battle with the ego, decides if we will be a worrier, doubting oneself or be free and aware of now.

C PTSD - A Way Out

It was a battle, when I was shivering, shaking, terrified of something not quite defined, unknown and just out of view.
Now, habitually, I let go of trauma thoughts, unwanted emotions of anger, shame, guilt, or resentment, quickly.
It is like the taste of sour milk, putrid milk, sometimes the smell is plenty, a repulsive reaction is my visual, and letting go just happens.
This has been my most beneficial habit, developed for healing, but continued well past healed, to living mindfully as possible in this moment for me.
Small habits can turn life upside down, again!
Practice, make staying present habit. Give all effort to this skill, until it is habit and witness the change in you.

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