Ethics for a Secular Millennium


You have said so many times that your religion is kindness. And sometimes we hear this to mean something other than “religion” as we know it.

HH Dalai Lama:

I believe that it is very useful or important to have a nonreligious way of approaching a nonbeliever in order to give him peace of mind. And in that way to give it to the community and to humanity as a whole. In any case, the majority of the world’s population of six billion people has little interest or seriousness when it comes to religion. That majority, that group of people, has a greater influence on society—or a more important role in society—than those who are religious do.

I get the impression that when people are not much interested in religion they also neglect values like compassion, a sense of sharing, a sense of caring—all the things that people consider to be a religious message and reject. That’s a mistake. These are secular ethics, not a religious message, and they are for everyone. Everyone can understand that being human, you want a happy life, a happy family, to be a happy individual. But material things will not provide you with genuine inner peace or inner happiness. Human values are essential. We must find a way to present basic human values to everyone—and present them not as religious matters but as secular ethics that are essential whether you are religious or not.

via Ethics for a Secular Millennium | Tricycle.

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