Bored with yourself

After an evening of contemplation and some sleep, it occurred to me this morning that boredom may have its roots in self criticism.  You may actually have accepted a bit of negative self talk that is telling you that YOU are boring.  Then on the other side of your brain, the thought is being rejected because how could you possibly be boring?  Of course you’re the most interesting person on the planet!  So the result is that you choose to project that idea of boredom onto the present situation you are experiencing.  So THIS is boring…

Just a thought.  But when it occurred to me, the boredom suddenly vanished.

Many great thinkers have described boredom otherwise.  The Indian thinker Domenic Marbaniang defines boredom as “the metaphysical turbulent emotion that arises out of the paradox of the rational sense of immutability and the empirical sense of mutation.” He explains: “Reason anticipates permanence, changelessness, and immutability as the quality of ultimate reality; however, for experience immutability is an impossibility. Nothing immutable is empirically conceivable; for if something doesn’t move in space, it at least moves in time. The tension between the immutable and the mutable produces the emotion of ennui [boredom], the sense of tediousness and vexation associated with the absence of immutable or lasting purpose in the cosmic phenomena of change.”

In other words, boredom might conceivably be an emotion that is generated when we realize that all things are impermanent, as the Buddha said.  Your mind/ego struggles against such a realization to the extent that it negatively dopes your brain and the result is what we’ve come to call “boredom”.

Are you bored yet?

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