Activate Your Life: The Peaceful Living Starter Kit

Temple of Anjana


In order to make peace in our lives, our lives must contain meaning.  Meaning can be found through acts of peace.  In the cyclical beauty of life, it is intent that is the root of  manifesting, and it is manifesting that feeds our intent.

Intention, focus, and the ability to follow through with commitment and gratitude is a recipe for a peaceful life.  The first intentional act of peace you must make is with being honest with yourself.  Are you honest with what you believe is the key to your happiness and satisfaction in your life? Do you know what that is?  Have you asked yourself?

If you are being eaten alive by unspoken desires, repressed emotions, and are feigning joy while on autopilot, you have already committed a hostile act against yourself.  You have waged war within and your attachments to ideas, judgments, material possessions and relationships are the…

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