Turning Self-Judgment into Self-Compassion

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite sure that the self-talk going on in my head about my life circumstances probably causes me more stress than the circumstances themselves.

It’s been a really tough few years and instead of having compassion for myself and the difficulties I’m experiencing out here on my own, I often judge where I’m at. Whether it’s my feelings about my work, my income, my body, my ability to make friends, or my ability to find love, I can be one harsh critic. And as my self-judgment intensifies, my stress does, too. They go hand in hand.

So I’m going to try an experiment, and maybe it’ll appeal to you. The next time I catch myself berating myself for what I haven’t yet accomplished, I’m going to say aloud, “Cancel that.”

And I’m going to make a concerted effort to turn my self-judgment into self-compassion.What would it feel like to be kind to myself, to praise myself for all the strides I’ve made—for the courage it took to leave the familiar and venture into the unknown alone? What would it feel like to say, “Look at you. Look at the work you’ve found, the friends you’ve made, the home you’ve created. You may not be where you imagined you’d be at this age, but look at what you’ve been able to do in the midst of some turbulent emotional times. Look at how resilient you are. Look at how resourceful you are. Look at how amazing you are.

Stop, Portland, and look. And breathe. And pat yourself on the back. You’re doing okay.”If I could do that—if you could do that, if we all could do that—the world would be a gentler place, reflecting back to us the gentleness we show ourselves.

via Turning Self-Judgment into Self-Compassion | Thrive – Kripalu Blog.

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