Don’t Look Forward Look Back

Against All Logic

In this post I describe a technique that is extremely powerful and which when put in to practise fulfils many if not all of the criteria that Zen would consider most beneficial to a persons development. It has the power to bring the mind or “mad
monkey” under control whilst simultaneously “setting the attention on nothing”. It gives a person the power to observe the world in absolute stillness and solidity, to develop a “diamond” like mind whilst remaining fully cognisant  and in a state of brilliant awareness. Practised for a sufficient amount of time this technique will ultimately allow a person to transcend the intellect and dissolve the duality of “self” and “other”. It allows a person to come in to direct perception of their own being, to experience their “self nature” through direct identity.

The technique or meditation consists of reversing the attention from it’s natural outgoing state to…

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