Test driving mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is the process of getting your life back.  It’s about stabilizing and calibrating the mind via the practice of meditation.

It’s about attention, awareness, discernment, clear seeing and wisdom based on a foundation of a caring quality and self-compassion…  A core principle of mindfulness is cultivating a spirit of do no harm – not only to others, but also to yourself.

It’s about becoming aware that all those worries, doubts, obsessions and other thoughts that swirl around in your head … are just ‘thinking’.  We are so good at thinking, but we tend to regard our thoughts and opinions as facts.  Are they?

Mindfulness is NOT about suppressing your thinking.  Mindfulness IS about not getting caught in your thinking and therefore freeing that great instrument called your mind.

Can you question who you are and be comfortable not knowing?  Think about it.  We’re conditioned to fear not knowing in case we look like an idiot or show weakness …

Mindfulness meditation is about letting the ‘doing’ (or you could say the analytical thinking) come out of the ‘being’ so you can access other dimensions of ‘being’.  Let go … let be …

When you practice mindfulness you find out just how mindless we can be.  Consider this.  Life is made up of moments.  You miss a huge number of those moments by racing through life on autopilot.  The more you miss, the faster the trip….  You’re already in the greatest moment of your life – wake up – realize you only have greatest moments to live.

The meditative aspects of mindfulness practice has been developed from Buddhist practices.  From a Buddhist perspective there are three poisons:  greed, hatred (incl. anger, rage and fear) and delusion (the opposite of wisdom).

more at: Buddhism | NLP THIRTEEN.

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