The Art of self Torture. Seven steps to the Mastery of Misery.

Mindfulness Man


So you went for happiness and it didn’t quite work out.

Why not learn the art of self torture?

It’s a path that I can 100% promise will deliver a joyless existence.

Seven steps to the Mastery of Misery:

1. Be a Hater.

This is rule number one if you want to live a life of misery. 

Everytime you get the chance, loathe everything you can about everyone you meet.

2. Get Greedy.

Get as much as you can, the world is yours for the taking.

More is better.

Don’t waste your hard gained efforts on the scum out there too lazy to get off their fat backsides.

Charity starts at home.

3. Engage in Divisive Speech.

When you get the opportunity, quietly whisper about the people you dislike in order to turn others against them.

People will know that if they upset you they can expect you to do…

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