Strength in being vulnerable! Not reacting, not grasping, not resisting!!!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out


Yes, it is counterintuitive, our strength over PTSD comes with being vulnerable, open to observe our fear.
Being strong, fighting trauma, trying to figure a way out, trying to manipulate or distract thoughts or even entertaining trauma thoughts empowers the disorder.
What fires together wires together!!!!
We heal by not grasping thoughts, not dissociating into the past, or giving any time for these thoughts to stay in our consciousness.
We starve these wandering thoughts by focusing on the the breath, on now, instead of the gory details of childhood trauma.
What we ignore, fades from lack of energy, attention, blood, and electricity.
It is simple then, pull all attention from our trauma thoughts and they will fade, almost disappear in time.
Try being vulnerable, accept these thoughts, observing from a distance, surrendering without resistance and healing arrives.
Practice everyday…

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