Do You Think You Have Free Will?

Prometheus Unbound

If you answer yes, watching the below video might give you second thoughts. Serious second thoughts.


What I take from this clip is that my intentions and actions are things for which the ground has already been prepared, unconscious to me, by my brain. I don’t think, “I’ll do x” and then my brain’s neurons scramble to obey. There’s no ghost commanding the machine. Instead, I think “I’ll do x” because the neurons have already lined up all their ducks for carrying out the action. I’m just the cheerleader or announcer, not the player on the field.

Put another way, I’m tagging along behind a movement–a movement not of civil rights marchers, but of neurons, declaring like a news reporter the route that has already been determined and put into motion by them. But instead of identifying this process accurately, I call those others “I.” I

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