Advice on Treading the Buddhist Path

The Buddha’s teaching was given to help people find true happiness by putting an end to suffer­ing. True happiness is attained by doing certain things and leaving certain things undone. The following has been adapted from various sources on how to tread the Buddhist path.

To make far-reaching plans as though we were going to establish permanent residence in this world, instead of living as though each day were the last, is foolish.

Sorrow and misfortune are teachers that convince us of the need to lead a religious life.

Reflecting upon the miseries which all sentient beings suffer will encourage us to attain liberation.

There is no real happiness outside of enlightenment.

It should be realised that all sorrows are the result of past actions.

Reflecting upon the nature of cause and effect will encourage us to avoid unskilful and unwise actions.

Avoid those actions which harm the mind and impede spiritual development.

Freedom from desire and attachment is necessary if we wish to be free of suffering.

Refrain from harming any living thing.

read more at:  Advice | Buddhism now.

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