Intuition vs. Ego

QUESTION:  I have difficulty telling the difference between my intuition and my ego? The voice inside your head ~ how do you know when its your higher self (perhaps your intuition) or your lower self (ego)??How can you see and find the line between these two?? Is there a difference between the higher self and intuition?? How can you tell if your feelings and emotions are ego based or if they come from your higher conscious self ~ especially if they give a sense of need! For example ~ the need to feel appreciated, touched, loved….is that looking for something outside of yourself to make you happy and fulfilled? As we become more enlightened don’t we become more expanded and elevated from our human level/human needs?


There are many questions here so I am going to break them down into sections so I can address each one.

Q: How do you know when it’s your higher self (perhaps your intuition) or your lower self (ego)? I am having difficulty telling the difference between my intuition and my ego?

A: First of all, I think it is important to understand that the ego is a fragmented, fear ~ filled distortion of our soul’s energy. This fragmented part of our soul (the ego) has separated itself from the LIGHT of our higher awareness/higher self.  The ego was created when we decided as a group consciousness to accept the “idea” of perceived separation from God, so we could learn through the use of our FREE WILL. This perceived separation from God/Goddess created fear, and a part of our divine energy broke away from the center/truth of our being. Every thing that has ever happened to us, from the beginning of our soul’s existence ~ both good and bad ~ has stemmed from the use of our FREE WILL and these memories are stored within our souls….including wounds and fears from the sometimes traumatic evolution of our experiences with FREE WILL. These life experiences have created belief systems, subconscious programs (feelings, thoughts and emotions held over a long period of time), stored traumatic pain and veils (karma) within our being that literally block us/create barriers within our energy field that hinders us from KNOWING and having a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with our DIVINE ESSENCE ~ which is our true connection to SPIRIT/GOD/GODDESS.

It is our ego that makes us think we are better than or less than what we truly are. The ego builds us up……and then loves to tears us down. Our ego is constantly responding to our life experiences, and ALL life experiences are created through the FREE WILL use of our energy ~ mainly our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. “WE” are the ones ~ through our very own FREE WILL~ creating a hell of a life…..or the life of our dreams, and the ego is constantly responding to our creations. And this is the biggest reason why we need to understand the difference between ego and soul/higher self guidance ~ because the ego keeps us in a wheel of repetitive, low vibrational re-creations…. while the aspect of our soul that is connected to the higher self is desperately trying to get us to evolve and transcend the distortions/illusions of the ego so the soul can be brought back into unification with it’s higher self so it can create and manifest a reality that is for the highest good of all involved.

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One Response to Intuition vs. Ego

  1. This is very insightful. I recently had the same revelations. Blessings, Brooke

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