teacher Reggie Ray’s dharma talk, “Mahamudra for the Modern World” introduces the Mahamudra (“The Great Awakening”) tradition. According to the Mahamudra tradition, every human life is sacred and unique, and an expression of the glory of the universe. Its teachings lead one into direct and unmediated contact with reality itself. Once taught only to elite students in secluded monasteries, the Mahamudra practices show us how every state of mind and every circumstance can shatter our illusions and lay bare the natural state of awakening within. In his talk, Reggie Ray explains these ancient teachings for the modern-day practitioner. And all week, he will be available to answer questions about his teachings on the Tricycle site. Watch the teachings.



In “Developing Insight,” the final week of Gelug master Segyu Rinpoche’s online retreat and the fourth and final building block of Buddhist training in Rinpoche’s Juniper School, he lays down the causes and conditions for the maturation of wisdom. In defining the insight that leads to wisdom, Rinpoche contrasts learned concepts with genuine insight, which he describes as “protecting our mind from the downfall into dogma.” Rinpoche outlines the development of wisdom as occurring in three moments: acknowledging the dogma, questioning the dogma, and allowing new insights to arise. He then elucidates the proper way to question conceptual dogma, warning us to be very careful not to judge it, as doing so would be to fall into new conceptual traps. Instead, we should understand the purity of phenomena, which are void of any conceptual beliefs like “good”  or  “bad.” This leads to a fundamental insight of Buddhism: that nothing in the universe is autonomous. Join the retreat.

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