Breakdown or Breakthrough

Physical Manifestations of Kundalini Awakening

  1. Tremors, shaking or convulsions For me, this began gradually, first noticed as an uncontrollable tremor which caused my head to shake rhythmically back and forth, even when I was lying down.
  2. Rhythmic, jerking, spasmodic or graceful involuntary movements These are called kriyas and mudras, and may be mild and infrequent or very vigorous.
  3. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea Many of these symptoms come on suddenly, and last a short while; a few minutes or hours, or a day or two, then just as abruptly, they vanish.
  4. Unusual breathing patterns; cessation of breath for short periods This is known as automatic pranayama.
  5. Reddening, blackening and loss of toenails or fingernails.
  6. Skin cracking or peeling (or turning red).
  7. Skin eruptions: blisters, warts, cysts. pimples or boils.
  8. Loss of hair; hair standing on end.
  9. Weight changes (which may or may not correspond to food intake).
  10. Nose bleeds.
  11. Menstrual changes (more or less pain than usual; lighter or heavier bleeding, longer or shorter cycles) Women undergoing Kundalini awakenings often find that the symptoms intensify during the time of their periods.
  12. Compulsive running; automatic dancing, or automatic posturing of the body (often in yoga asanas).
  13. Involuntary vocalizations (or inability to speak).
  14. Increase in metabolism, causing weight loss; faster growth of hair and nails.

via Breakdown or Breakthrough.

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