The day I talked to a tree

I picked the fattest tree I could find, and sat down, and started talking.

It felt silly, baring my soul to a tree. I kept looking around to see if anyone was watching. I went back and forth between hoping someone would rescue me, and fearing what might happen if someone did find me. Why am I doing this?

I didn’t get it. But I did as I was told, and kept talking. From birth to age 30, I laid it all out. My hopes, dreams, and fears. Traumas and dramas that had never healed. Secrets I had never told another soul. Mistakes I had a hard time admitting, even to myself. And then I was done, with nothing left to tell. So I went home.

It was an unforgettable day, that taught me something extraordinarily valuable:

We all have a story about who we are, and we tell it to ourselves over and over again, until it becomes our “truth”. The problem is that there is often great disparity between our “truth” and reality. The story is founded in perception, yet we build our entire lives around it. Through repetition, the story gains power, and ultimately prevents us from finding happiness.

With time, and a lot of yoga, I learned how to reject the story, so that I could live my life with clarity, awareness, and purpose. And in the process, I found that the happiness I craved was actually inside me all along.

via The day I talked to a tree | A Charmed Yogi.

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5 Responses to The day I talked to a tree

  1. A Table in the Sun says:

    I talk to trees, birds, and flowers! They are darned good listeners. I know what you mean though, about letting those negative patterns out…….it’s scary even to say it to a tree. Yoga and meditation have been good outlets for me as well.

  2. thetarotman says:

    Wow! This post was truly beautiful, and with so many Planets in Earth Signs, I need to talk to trees more often. Thanks for this, Chico.

  3. CharmedYogi says:

    Thanks for the reblog. I’m glad you and your readers enjoyed it! My friend Amber, who wrote it, is truly an amazing yoga teacher and person and I was lucky to have her write this guest post.

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