Avoid Stagnation and Degeneration

There are times when real change is necessary, IF YOU WANT TO AVOID STAGNATION AND DEGENERATION. When faced with such a time, The “I Ching” advises you approach change gradually, improving the situation a little at a time so you can judge the results as you proceed. It warns of being hasty and behaving excessively, thus assuring a “careful calculated transformation.”

In addition, the I-Ching advises that you establish clarity of intent, remove discordant elements as they appear, and throw out what is “outmoded or stifling.”

The I Ching is one of the oldest books on the planet. And although I regularly consult it for guidance, I don’t agree that all change should be gradual. Sometimes change is most effectively implemented with bold action. In any given situation there is always one move that will produce substantial results.

The other side of the coin: A more enlightened Zen view says, we can choose to be happy, whatever the circumstances in our life. By attaining “detached mind” we can rise above negativity or the need to make things different than they are. “Don’t waste your time trying to change anything,” say the unnamed authors of “The Key,” published by the Center for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation in Mountain View, CA.

“If you think you can feel better by doing something else, or being something else, or being somewhere else, then feel better. Don’t be confused by thinking you need to do something else, or be something else, or be somewhere else. JUST BE CONTENT TO FEEL BETTER. (It can save a great deal of time, energy and money.)”

via Avoid Stagnation and Degeneration by Dick Sutphen.

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