dimitri seneca snowden

Tantra is probably the most misunderstood branch of Indian religious practices. An ancient practice that dates back to the 5th-9th century CE, the common perception about tantra is that it is a kind of black magic.

However, the truth is that tantra is the science of life, a way of living, which aims to remove all roadblocks towards liberation. While some spiritual practices consider material pleasures as forbidden and obstructing progress on the spiritual path, thereby causing a constant internal battle within the spiritual seeker that involves self-condemnation and guilt, the tantric perspective is that our ignorance of our true nature is the only real impurity.Tantra says be the way you are: impulses, imperfections and all. It doesn’t tell you to go against your impulses or to fight against your being. Tantra simply teaches the transmutation of energy.It teaches one to transform hate into love, to transform sex into…

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