Trance runners – Riding the wind

Tantric Buddhists believe that some adepts have the skill to ride the wind, or travel long distances in relatively short time.

In Tibet and Bhutan, these highly realised minds are called Lung Gompa (wind runners) or commonly as Kang jor pas or fast walkers.  In Japan, they are referred with reverence as Sen-nichi-kaihou.  The Japanese ascetic earns the title only after   completing a 1000-day retreat, which includes walking 8,400km in 100 days.  In recent years, Western scholars have termed people with these capabilities as ‘trance runners’.

While no studies have been done on trance runners in Bhutan, it is likely that there are three monks left in Bhutan with this skill.   All three have chosen to live in the mountains, secluded from the secular world.  Most Bhutanese know about and revere them.

Tsham Penjor is about 70 years old, and the youngest in this exclusive club; while both Lopen Kado and Lopen Chuki Lotay are more than 80 years old.

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