Blowing in the Wind

Our emotions are so deceptive and impermanent.

Ever notice how grumpy and negative you get to be when you’re sick, and how different everything seems once you recover from it?  In the meantime, the only thing that has changed is that you’re not sick anymore.

What if you have a chronic condition – one that doesn’t go away.  Does that mean you’re doomed to being on a perpetual bummer?

I didn’t meet my father-in-law until after he had quadruple bypass surgery, and he never felt very good after that.  My wife says I never got to really know him as the person he was when he was younger.

So can we learn to transcend our thoughts, emotions and feelings?

The essence of life doesn’t change just because our mind is preoccupied with our present condition.  It doesn’t change when our condition is more pleasant.

Being aware of our changing moods can help us to be happiER.  It’s a happiness that comes with the freedom begat from identifying the flow of unchanging reality.  We can notice how our feelings are blown by the wind of circumstance, and awaken to the reality of existence.

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