Dumber and dumber

There’s a mobile app for almost anything you may want to do, any situation you confront. Just because John Huntsman speaks Chinese, doesn’t mean you can’t understand him. Just use your translation app, and you’ll never have to invest in Rosetta Stone and actually learn how to speak or write the language. If you can’t figure out which language app to download on your smart phone, just let the artificially intelligent iDecide make the call for you.

Then you can start sucking your thumb. And if you do regress to baby status, your parents can lull you to sleep with a terrific bedtime story, courtesy of a “create your own fairy tale app.”

The problem with all of this brilliant technology  is that it’s lulling us into the national delusion that we’re better at things than we really are. That delusion might not seem important if the global economy weren’t nipping at our heels and challenging Americans to be smarter, faster, more rigorous and more aware that other countries are beginning to beat us at our game.

That game will likely be available for download on your smarter than smart phone.

via How America is Dumbing Down the Next Generation.

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