Savasana and savusauna

Savasana (shuh-VAHS-uh-nuh)

Also affectionately known as “corpse pose”, Savasana is a period of final relaxation at the end of a yoga session. Lying face up, palms are turned open as a gesture of receptivity. Eyes are closed and face muscles are relaxed. A vital part of Savasana is becoming aware of the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe, and scanning  your body for any tense muscles to relax. Arguably the most important aspect of yoga, it is a time for your focus to be turned inwards for reflection.

(It’s not uncommon to fall asleep during this phase. I unashamedly admit I have dozed off before, having reached such a state of relaxation that my mind just slips into sleep. While it’s not necessarily encouraged, falling asleep is not frowned upon, and fellow yogis will usually be quite understanding.)

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Bahanalisanje and spiritual purification

Different people use the sauna for different purposes. While the Turks in public swimming baths, sweating At the same time and enjoyed the food and drink, dance and sex, the Russians it was a place of physical, and spiritual purification.However, they performed this ritual, accompanied by a close, given that there the belief that lives in Banja haughty spirit.


The famous Finnish sauna was used back in the Stone Age. It had before swimming in the frozen water once samobičevali branches for a better blood supply.

Finnish sauna is traditionally the same as Russianbanya despite the popular misconception that Finnish sauna is very dry. Records and other historical evidence indicate that the Finns built the first wooden saunas in the 5th or 8th century. Early saunas were dug into a hill or embankment. As tools and techniques advanced, they were later built above ground using wooden logs. Rocks were heated in a stone fireplace with a wood fire. The smoke from the fire filled the room as the air warmed.

Once the temperature reached desired levels, the smoke was allowed to clear and the bathers entered. The wood smoke aroma still lingered and was part of the cleansing ritual. This type of traditional smoke sauna was called a savusauna (black banya), which simply means “smoke sauna” in Finnish. Many people find the smell of smoke and wood relaxing.

Wellnes centar

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