What is Zen Druidry? « octopusdance

Zen is living your meditation, being fully awake and aware.  Bodhidharma (528 A.D.) said: “Not dependent on the written word, transmission apart from the scriptures;  directly pointing at one’s heart, seeing one’s nature, becoming Buddha”.  It is not about sitting on a cushion all day meditating – it is about awareness of everything, and bringing that awareness into every aspect of our lives, seeing our own nature.

Zen is often likened to a philosophy or an attitude rather than a belief. It doesn’t require a belief in anything, not even Buddha.  It is about relationship, and understanding our relationship with everything around us – we are not entities alone in this world.  We are individuals, but we are also a collective of individuals.  Zen is about experiencing, fully.  It refuses to be distracted by the illusions of the constructed world around us, from the prisons we create in our own minds to the material consumerism we see running rampant around us.  Zen means not only going with the flow of the world around us, but being the flow itself.  It is about the true joy of life itself.

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