Green Acres?

We’re in Sedona, Arizona this week poking around to find out what our options might be for tearing down the old trailer and replacing it with something new.

Sedona is a town of contrasts; that’s for sure.  There’s the artsy-fartsy element with its many galleries, the old hippy group with long hair and magic crystals, and there’s the funky trailers from the 70’s waiting to fall down.  Throw in a few high-end spa retreats, jeep trail tours, and free Qigong classes from the resort your staying at, and it all begins to resemble a magic bus ride.

But as eclectic as it is, there seems to be room for anyone and everyone.  So we’re enchanted with the idea of someday living here on a more or less permanent basis.

It suddenly reminded me of the old TV sitcom “Green Acres”.  My wife likes the Gucci side of it, and I like the red rocks and dirt.

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