Eat the Chocolate

When you are thinking, you are associating your memories or translating feelings (which can only be from limited past associations & conditioning). This means that whilst thinking we are just ‘describing’ —and a description is only ever a just a description, no matter how poetic. So if we are always describing then what are the feelings or ‘things’ before they are described?

Meditating is being or dissolving in the indescribable; Understanding all descriptions are short of that direct apprehension.

For example, if someone has never tasted chocolate and you say “it tastes great!” they can only compare with whatever they have previously eaten (and that can’t be it— as it’s a new, fresh taste). You could describe the chocolate all day & night, but unless they put it in their own mouth—they won’t know. And if you are describing whilst your eating you will miss it!

It’s all indescribable—the words are just for function; they shouldn’t get in the way of the experience.


When you meditate you let all this thinking go, you are going to the source of your thoughts or feelings—prior the minds translations. Doesn’t mean that you have to try and stop thinking, just notice that it happens by itself—the thoughts come and go naturally—let them be free and don’t judge them and don’t take them seriously or hold onto them. Be interested in the gaps between the thoughts or where the thoughts are rising and falling (both will take you towards the source).

Why do this? The gaps becomes wider the thoughts fainter. The gaps aren’t empty they are much more alive than the thoughts, just more subtle. The more and more you tune in with what is subtle the more closer you are centered—it makes you sharper and more naturally responsive, as you aren’t limited to your conditioning.

As Alan Watts rightfully said “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts”

Imagine if you only stay with your thoughts you limit yourself to your already limited experiences—step out of that and you rest in the unknown—what is nameless—the source of energy itself; eating the chocolate yourself rather than settling for another’s description.

The difference in meditating & thinking
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