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It’s interesting that the pathway which links three of the world’s most important Zen temples – Ginkaku-ji, Nanzenji and Kyomizudera – is called The Philosophers’ Walk. This gives stress and emphasis to the fact that Zen is a philosophy and not a religion.

At no point along The Philosophers’ Walk – either along the pathway or the riverside, or within the temples and gardens – do you come across an image or a figure of the Buddha – the human being whose thinking inspired Buddhist philosophy and ultimately Zen.

At no point in this district do you find people praying or worshipping or in any way expressing their ‘faith’. There are, however, people ‘sitting quietly doing nothing’ – otherwise known as meditating. Zen means meditation. Sitting zazen is sitting meditation. The Philosophers’ Walk is a place for zazen, and also a place for walking meditation.

On this particular walk the…

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