What would the Buddha do if he dated?

Well here I am sitting at my computer contemplating the deep and meaningful questions that really matter, while munching on re-heated pasta and listening to classic Aussie rock tunes. When on my bookshelf I noticed an old book that I had picked up years before, when I’d shown a passing interest in Buddhism. At the time I was dating this woman who also was interested in Buddhism, mainly as a strategy to avoid Mormons, and I suppose I just tagged along for the ride. I also had another interest, visiting second-hand book stores and trolling through the bins looking for interesting looking books.

Siddhartha Gautama (aka Buddha)

One day in a bookshop near Town Hall Station in Sydney I came across this classic book, ‘If the Buddha dated – A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path’. I thought the title was kind of funny, and it also fitted with my current aims at that time, which again revolved around a certain Buddhist inclined lady, although I have to admit that my interests in her may not have been entirely ‘Buddhist’.

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