2 Days to the Start of the Iditarod

A one thousand mile trip with a pack of dogs and a sled isn’t something most of us would aspire to.  But you get a big send-off from the crowd since the start is an easy drive from Anchorage, and it’s March and it’s not fishing season yet.  The second biggest crowd will be in Nome at the end of the race.  And it isn’t too far from anywhere in Nome to walk to see you coming down Main Street.

Mushing would easily be a bigger spectator sport if fans could watch it from heated seats and drink beer and eat hot dogs.  But that won’t ever happen for any stretch of the Iditarod because the villages on the way don’t even have roads into them.  Given the fact that tickets even sell out for Monster Truck exhibitions, and people flock to see Disney characters skate on ice to the tune of “It’s A Small World After All”, you’d think that sled dog racing would have huge market potential.

The Iditarod is called “The Last Great Race on Earth”, and it has to be unless you compare it to the enthusiasm of shoppers going to the malls the day after Thanksgiving.  Just saying.

Check out the coverage of this Last Great Race on the website for the Anchorage Daily News.  You may want to get your mush on…!

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