Boy-boy’s Homebrew

“Boy-boy” was a Zen master who left the formalities and traditional practice of the temples, and found a spot under a bridge where he was welcomed to live with the homeless.  After several years of dumpster diving and eating at Salvation Army soup kitchens, a friend introduced him to a way to start his own business to support himself.  He showed Boy-boy how to make homebrew from sugar, yeast, and molasses.  Boy-boy subsisted in this way through old age and to the end of his incarnation.

While Boy-boy was in the homebrew business under the bridge, one of his homeless companions gave him a picture of the Buddha.  Boy-boy hung it on the wall of his lean-to shack and put a cardboard sign beside it:

Mr. Amida Buddha:  This little room is quite narrow.  I can let you remain as a transient.  But don’t think I am asking you to direct me on how to be reborn in a paradise.

[Adapted from Tosui’s Vinegar at ]

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