Imagine Your Mind- Zen Koans

How a Koan Works

The Eastern Horizon

I was thinking something, and this thought came to my mind “Can I imagine my mind?”. And then suddenly I felt like I was instantly zapped out of my normal cerebral foggy state, where I don’t even realize I am thinking, and was more awake, aware of the present.

Now I understand how a Koan works. Like imagining sound of one hand clap. Or imagining the action of grasping your own hand by the same hand. Thoughts have a certain way of perpetuating themselves. That continuous series, continuous flow is broken only when something happens that breaks the chain. There is a certain algorithmic breakdown that stops thoughts and brings you back in reality.

Naturally our cerebral processing follows a certain pattern. We experience some sensation. This sensation gives rise to feeling. Feeling gives rise to thought. But after a while, just thoughts give rise to thoughts. The purpose of Koan…

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