Alphabetical List of Hikes

NOTE:   ☼ symbol indicates GPS data is available for this hike

 < Airport Loop Hike

 < Airport Vortex Hike

 < Baldwin Trail Hike

 < Bear Mountain Hike

 < Bear Sign Hike

 < Bell Rock Courthouse Butte Slot Hike

 < Boynton Canyon Hike

 < Boynton Vista Hike

 < Brins Mesa to Overlook Hike

 <Brins Mesa to Soldier Pass Hike

 < Broken Arrow Hike

 < Cathedral Rock Trail

 < Chimney Rock Loop Hike

 < Cibola Pass Trail

☼ < Cockscomb to Aerie Loop Hike

 < Coffeepot Rock Trail

 < Cookstove to Harding Springs Trail Hike

 < Courthouse Butte Loop

 < Cowpies Hike

 < Deadman’s Pass to Boynton Vista (Vortex Site)

 <Devil’s Bridge Hike

 < Doe Mountain Hike

< Dogie Trail

 < Dry Creek Trail #52

 < Fay Canyon Hike

☼ < Fay Canyon Overlook Hike

 < Hananki Indians Ruins

 < Hot Loop Hike

 < HS Canyon Hike

☼ < HT Trail Hike

 < Huckaby Trail Hike

 < Jim Thompson Trail

 < Kel Fox Trail

 < Kelly Canyon/Pumphouse Wash

 < Little Horse to Broken Arrow

 <Llama Trail Hike

 < Long Canyon Trail

 < Lost Canyon Hike

 < Marg’s Draw Hike

 Mayan Woman Hike

 < Mescal Mountain Hike

 < Mitten Ridge Hike

 < Munds Wagon Trail

 < Old Post to Carroll Canyon Loop

< Palatki Indian Ruins

 < Pyramid Hike

 Pyramid Vista Hike

☼ <Rabbit Ears

 < Scheurman Mountain Hike

 < Secret Canyon Hike

 < Soldier Pass Arches Hike

 < Sterling Pass to Vultee Arch

 < Sugarloaf/Coffee Pot Trails

 < Sycamore Canyon

☼ < Telephone Trail Hike

 < Templeton Hike

☼ < Templeton North From Bell Rock

 < Turkey Creek/House Mountain Hike

 < Vultee Arch Hike

 < V-Bar-V Petroglyph Hike

 < Weir Trail Hike

< West Clear Creek Hike

 < West Fork Hike

 < Wilson Canyon

< Wilson Mountain

 < Woodchute Hike

 < Woods Canyon Hike

Great Sedona Hikes
Last Updated January 23, 2012
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