Here’s and extra thought for you…

Dalai Lina

Did you know that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day?

Excluding sleep, that is a little less than a thought a second.

Guess how many of those are original thoughts?

In most of us, only 5%!

Which means the other 95% are recurring, repetitive thoughts…those thoughts you think of over and over again. Unfortunately, most of those recurring thoughts are negative.

Have you ever noticed a beautiful tree when you were driving? How many of you ever think of that tree again during the day? Probably never again. What about when someone cuts you off on the highway? I bet angry thoughts of that driver loop around in your noggin for a while before you let it go.

Really, what we do to ourselves should be considered torture!

Why do you think people are so addicted to TV? Because it stops the mental chatter. You can’t pay attention to…

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